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Conversion Table

yards to nautical miles
1000 yd 0.4937 nmi
2000 yd 0.9875 nmi
3000 yd 1.4812 nmi
4000 yd 1.9749 nmi
5000 yd 2.4687 nmi
6000 yd 2.9624 nmi
7000 yd 3.4562 nmi
8000 yd 3.9499 nmi
9000 yd 4.4436 nmi
10000 yd 4.9374 nmi
11000 yd 5.4311 nmi
12000 yd 5.9248 nmi
13000 yd 6.4186 nmi
14000 yd 6.9123 nmi
15000 yd 7.4061 nmi
16000 yd 7.8998 nmi
17000 yd 8.3935 nmi
18000 yd 8.8873 nmi
19000 yd 9.381 nmi
20000 yd 9.8747 nmi

How to convert

1 yard (yd) = 0.000493737 nautical mile (nmi). Yard (yd) is a unit of Length used in Standard system. Nautical Mile (nmi) is a unit of Length used in Standard system. The yard is equal to 36 inches or 3 feet. The international nautical mile was defined as exactly 1,852 meters in 1929.

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