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Square Miles to Hectares


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Convert Hectares to Square Miles (ha to sq mi) ▶

Conversion Table

square miles to hectares
sq miha
1 sq mi 258.9988 ha
2 sq mi 517.9976 ha
3 sq mi 776.9964 ha
4 sq mi 1035.9952 ha
5 sq mi 1294.9941 ha
6 sq mi 1553.9929 ha
7 sq mi 1812.9917 ha
8 sq mi 2071.9905 ha
9 sq mi 2330.9893 ha
10 sq mi 2589.9881 ha
11 sq mi 2848.9869 ha
12 sq mi 3107.9857 ha
13 sq mi 3366.9845 ha
14 sq mi 3625.9834 ha
15 sq mi 3884.9822 ha
16 sq mi 4143.981 ha
17 sq mi 4402.9798 ha
18 sq mi 4661.9786 ha
19 sq mi 4920.9774 ha
20 sq mi 5179.9762 ha

How to convert

1 square mile (sq mi) = 258.998811 hectare (ha). Square Mile (sq mi) is a unit of Area used in Standard system. Hectare (ha) is a unit of Area used in Metric system. Square miles can also be marked as mi2. There is no need to add an s to an abbreviation of hectare - ha.

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