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Nautical Miles to Yards


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Conversion Table

nautical miles to yards
1 nmi 2025.3718 yd
2 nmi 4050.7437 yd
3 nmi 6076.1155 yd
4 nmi 8101.4873 yd
5 nmi 10126.8592 yd
6 nmi 12152.231 yd
7 nmi 14177.6028 yd
8 nmi 16202.9746 yd
9 nmi 18228.3465 yd
10 nmi 20253.7183 yd
11 nmi 22279.0901 yd
12 nmi 24304.462 yd
13 nmi 26329.8338 yd
14 nmi 28355.2056 yd
15 nmi 30380.5775 yd
16 nmi 32405.9493 yd
17 nmi 34431.3211 yd
18 nmi 36456.6929 yd
19 nmi 38482.0648 yd
20 nmi 40507.4366 yd

How to convert

1 nautical mile (nmi) = 2025.37183 yard (yd). Nautical Mile (nmi) is a unit of Length used in Standard system. Yard (yd) is a unit of Length used in Standard system. The international nautical mile was defined as exactly 1,852 meters in 1929. The yard is equal to 36 inches or 3 feet.

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