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Nautical Miles to Parsecs


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Convert Parsecs to Nautical Miles (pc to nmi) ▶

Conversion Table

nautical miles to parsecs
10000000000000 nmi 0.6002 pc
20000000000000 nmi 1.2004 pc
30000000000000 nmi 1.8006 pc
40000000000000 nmi 2.4008 pc
50000000000000 nmi 3.001 pc
60000000000000 nmi 3.6012 pc
70000000000000 nmi 4.2013 pc
80000000000000 nmi 4.8015 pc
90000000000000 nmi 5.4017 pc
100000000000000 nmi 6.0019 pc
110000000000000 nmi 6.6021 pc
120000000000000 nmi 7.2023 pc
130000000000000 nmi 7.8025 pc
140000000000000 nmi 8.4027 pc
150000000000000 nmi 9.0029 pc
160000000000000 nmi 9.6031 pc
170000000000000 nmi 10.2033 pc
180000000000000 nmi 10.8035 pc
190000000000000 nmi 11.4036 pc
200000000000000 nmi 12.0038 pc

How to convert

1 nautical mile (nmi) = 6.00192E-14 parsec (pc). Nautical Mile (nmi) is a unit of Length used in Standard system. Parsec (pc) is a unit of Length used in Metric system. The international nautical mile was defined as exactly 1,852 meters in 1929.

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