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Microliters to Teaspoons


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Convert Teaspoons to Microliters (tsp to µl) ▶

Conversion Table

microliters to teaspoons
1000 µl 0.2029 tsp
2000 µl 0.4058 tsp
3000 µl 0.6087 tsp
4000 µl 0.8115 tsp
5000 µl 1.0144 tsp
6000 µl 1.2173 tsp
7000 µl 1.4202 tsp
8000 µl 1.6231 tsp
9000 µl 1.826 tsp
10000 µl 2.0288 tsp
11000 µl 2.2317 tsp
12000 µl 2.4346 tsp
13000 µl 2.6375 tsp
14000 µl 2.8404 tsp
15000 µl 3.0433 tsp
16000 µl 3.2461 tsp
17000 µl 3.449 tsp
18000 µl 3.6519 tsp
19000 µl 3.8548 tsp
20000 µl 4.0577 tsp

How to convert

1 microliter (µl) = 0.000202884 teaspoon (tsp). Microliter (µl) is a unit of Volume used in Metric system. Teaspoon (tsp) is a unit of Volume used in Standard system.

Microliters - A Unit of Volume

A microliter (symbol μl or μL) is a unit of volume that corresponds to one millionth of a liter (0.000001 liter) or one cubic millimeter (0.001 milliliter). It is a unit of volume in the metric system, which is based on the meter as the base unit of length.

One microliter is equal to 0.000000001 cubic meters, 0.00006102374 cubic inches, or 0.000000264172 gallons.

How to Convert Microliters

To convert microliters to other units of volume, you need to multiply or divide by the appropriate conversion factor. Here are some common conversion factors and examples:

  • To convert microliters to cubic meters, multiply by 0.000000001.
    • Example: 2 μl × 0.000000001 = 0.000000002 m3
  • To convert microliters to cubic inches, multiply by 0.00006102374.
    • Example: 2 μl × 0.00006102374 = 0.00012204748 in3
  • To convert microliters to milliliters or liters, multiply by 0.001 or divide by 1000000 respectively.
    • Example: 2 μl × 0.001 = 0.002 mL or 2 μl ÷ 1000000 = 0.000002 L
  • To convert microliters to gallons (US liquid), multiply by 0.000000264172.
    • Example: 2 μl × 0.000000264172 = 0.000000528344 gal
  • To convert microliters to bushels (US), multiply by 0.00000002837825.
    • Example: 2 μl × 0.00000002837825 = 0.0000000567565 bu
  • To convert microliters to barrels (oil), multiply by 0.00000000628981.
    • Example: 2 μl × 0.00000000628981 = 0.00000001257962 bbl

To convert other units of volume to microliters, you need to divide by the appropriate conversion factor. Here are some common conversion factors and examples:

  • To convert cubic meters to microliters, divide by 0.000000001.
    • Example: 0.000000002 m3 ÷ 0.000000001 = 2 μl
  • To convert cubic inches to microliters, divide by 0.00006102374.
    • Example: 0.00012204748 in3 ÷ 0.00006102374 = 2 μl
  • To convert milliliters or liters to microliters, divide by 0.001 or multiply by 1000000 respectively.
    • Example: 0.002 mL ÷ 0.001 = 2 μl or 0.000002 L × 1000000 = 2 μl
  • To convert gallons (US liquid) to microliters, divide by 0.000000264172.
    • Example: 0.000000528344 gal ÷ 0.000000264172 = 2 μl
  • To convert bushels (US) to microliters, divide by 0.00000002837825.
    • Example: 0.0000000567565 bu ÷ 0.00000002837825 = 2 μl
  • To convert barrels (oil) to microliters, divide by 0.00000000628981.
    • Example: 0.00000001257962 bbl ÷ 0.00000000628981 = 2 μl

Teaspoons: A Unit of Volume

Teaspoons are a unit of volume that are used to measure small amounts of liquids, such as water, milk, oil, vinegar, etc. They are also used to measure some dry ingredients, such as sugar, salt, baking powder, etc. They are different from tablespoons, which are a larger unit of volume. Teaspoons are also different from fluid ounces, which are a larger unit of volume. Teaspoons are also different from barrel of oil equivalent (BOE), which is a unit of energy based on the approximate energy released by burning one barrel of crude oil.

How to Convert Teaspoons

To convert teaspoons to other units of volume, one can use the following formulas:

  • To convert teaspoons to milliliters: multiply by 5
  • To convert teaspoons to fluid ounces: multiply by 0.1667
  • To convert teaspoons to cups: multiply by 0.0208
  • To convert teaspoons to gallons (US): multiply by 0.001302
  • To convert teaspoons to gallons (UK): multiply by 0.0014
  • To convert teaspoons to BOE: divide by 15950
US teaspoon can be abbreviated as t., ts., tsp. or tspn. one teaspoon as a unit of culinary measure is 1/3 tablespoon, that is, ~4.93 mL. For labeling on food packages in the U.S., the teaspoon is defined by FDA as 5 mL precisely.

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