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Convert Miles to Lightyears (mi to ly) ▶

Conversion Table

lightyears to miles
1 ly 5878500000000 mi
2 ly 11757000000000 mi
3 ly 17635500000000 mi
4 ly 23514000000000 mi
5 ly 29392500000000 mi
6 ly 35271000000000 mi
7 ly 41149500000000 mi
8 ly 47028000000000 mi
9 ly 52906500000000 mi
10 ly 58785000000000 mi
11 ly 64663500000000 mi
12 ly 70542000000000 mi
13 ly 76420500000000 mi
14 ly 82299000000000 mi
15 ly 88177500000000 mi
16 ly 94056000000000 mi
17 ly 99934500000000 mi
18 ly 1.05813E+14 mi
19 ly 1.116915E+14 mi
20 ly 1.1757E+14 mi

How to convert

1 lightyear (ly) = 5.8785E+12 mile (mi). Lightyear (ly) is a unit of Length used in Metric system. Mile (mi) is a unit of Length used in Standard system.

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