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Convert Chains to Leagues (ch to league) ▶

Conversion Table

leagues to chains
1 league 276.1871 ch
2 league 552.3741 ch
3 league 828.5612 ch
4 league 1104.7483 ch
5 league 1380.9353 ch
6 league 1657.1224 ch
7 league 1933.3095 ch
8 league 2209.4965 ch
9 league 2485.6836 ch
10 league 2761.8707 ch
11 league 3038.0577 ch
12 league 3314.2448 ch
13 league 3590.4319 ch
14 league 3866.619 ch
15 league 4142.806 ch
16 league 4418.9931 ch
17 league 4695.1802 ch
18 league 4971.3672 ch
19 league 5247.5543 ch
20 league 5523.7414 ch

How to convert

1 league (league) = 276.187068 chain (ch). League (league) is a unit of Length used in Standard system. Chain (ch) is a unit of Length used in Standard system.

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