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Conversion Table

acres to square kilometers
acresq km
100 acre 0.4047 sq km
200 acre 0.8094 sq km
300 acre 1.2141 sq km
400 acre 1.6187 sq km
500 acre 2.0234 sq km
600 acre 2.4281 sq km
700 acre 2.8328 sq km
800 acre 3.2375 sq km
900 acre 3.6422 sq km
1000 acre 4.0469 sq km
1100 acre 4.4515 sq km
1200 acre 4.8562 sq km
1300 acre 5.2609 sq km
1400 acre 5.6656 sq km
1500 acre 6.0703 sq km
1600 acre 6.475 sq km
1700 acre 6.8797 sq km
1800 acre 7.2843 sq km
1900 acre 7.689 sq km
2000 acre 8.0937 sq km

How to convert

1 acre (acre) = 0.00404686 square kilometer (sq km). Acre (acre) is a unit of Area used in Standard system. Square Kilometer (sq km) is a unit of Area used in Metric system.

Acre: A Unit of Area

An acre is a unit of area that is commonly used for measuring land in the United States and the United Kingdom. It is equal to 43,560 square feet, or 4,840 square yards, or about 4,047 square meters, or 0.4047 hectares. The acre is defined as the area of a rectangle that has a length of one chain (66 feet) and a width of one furlong (660 feet). This is equivalent to 10 square chains, or 1/640 of a square mile.

The acre is not a standard unit in the International System of Units (SI), but it is legally recognized in some countries as a supplementary unit that can be used for trade if given as additional information and not used for land registration.

How to Convert Acre to Other Units

To convert an acre to other units of area, we can use the following conversion factors:

  • 1 acre = 43,560 square feet
  • 1 acre = 4,840 square yards
  • 1 acre = 0.4047 hectare
  • 1 acre = 4,046.8564224 square meters
  • 1 acre = 0.0015625 square mile
  • 1 acre = 0.4047 dunam (a unit used in Israel and Turkey)

To convert from other units to an acre, we can use the inverse of these conversion factors.

For example, to convert 10 hectares to acres, we can use:

10 hectares x (1 acre / 0.4047 hectare) = 24.71 acres

International Acre sometimes can be abbreviated as ac. 1 hectare = 2.4710538 international acres.

Square Kilometer: A Unit of Area

A square kilometer is a unit of area that measures the size of a surface. It is defined as the area of a square whose sides are one kilometer long. A square kilometer is equal to 1,000,000 square meters, 100 hectares, or 0.386102 square miles. It is also the base unit of area in the metric system.

How to Convert Square Kilometer to Other Units

To convert a square kilometer to other units of area, we need to multiply or divide by a conversion factor. A conversion factor is a number that relates two units of measurement. For example, to convert a square kilometer to a square mile, we need to multiply by 0.386102, which is the conversion factor between these two units. Here are some common conversion factors for square kilometer and other units of area:

  • 1 square kilometer = 0.386102 square miles
  • 1 square kilometer = 247.105 acres
  • 1 square kilometer = 100 hectares
  • 1 square kilometer = 1000000 square meters
  • 1 square kilometer = 10000000000 square centimeters
  • 1 square kilometer = 1000000000000 square millimeters
Square kilometers also can be marked as Square kilometres and km2.

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